Videoconference equipment installed at Grover Center for IAT

Videoconference equipment has been installed in the Hearing, Speech and Language Clinic at Grover Center. The technology will allow the Interdisciplinary Assessment Team (IAT) members at Nationwide Children's Hospital's Developmental Assessment Program (DAP) in Westerville to particpate in IAT meetings without traveling from the Columbus area. Team meetings as well as direct services will be provided via videoconference as necessary and appropriate. Additionally, as part of the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine's (OU-COM) OhiONE network, the IAT will be able to participate in distance learning programs, as well as being able to connect to any videoconference site with an IP address.

While work still needs to be done to facilitate reimbursement for services provided by videoconference, this technology has been an essential tool for providing significant levels of psychiatry service (telepsychiatry for children and adults) in southeast Ohio since 2005. We feel confident that it will greatly enhance the services provided by the IAT as well.