Sherry Shamblin Named Chief of Behavioral Health Operations


 Tri-County Mental Health and Family Healthcare are in the process of merging into one integrated health care organization by late summer 2013. Sherry Shamblin has accepted the new senior management position created by this merger, called Chief of Behavioral Health Operations, starting in mid-January 2013.

Sherri is excited to use her skills gained from working with Project LAUNCH and as a board member of IPAC and part of her new duties will include supervising the new Director of Early Childhood Programs, while still remaining active in state and regional early childhood issues. Sherri will continue as an IPAC board member and will attend local and state LAUNCH meetings as her schedule allows as she takes on her new role.

Samantha Shaffer from Tri-County's Hocking County Clinic will become the new Director of Early Childhood Programs and brings the experience of adult and child case management, management of a mental health residential program and expertise in providing PCIT for children and families to the position.

Sherri recollects that ten years ago, parents of young preschool children with behavioral health/social emotional issues were turned away at the door of community mental health centers in our region. Today, due to the collective work of regional agencies, Samantha will be leading a team of ten dedicated early childhood professionals.Their work includes multiple programs such as: Help Me Grow Service Coordination, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation and Training, and Early Childhood Clinical Services that all cover five counties.

Outstanding grant applications for the Early Learning Challenge Race to the Top Program, to be announced during January, could potentially expand their work to 15 counties in southeastern Ohio.

Let's all wish Sherri the best as she continues to forward the mission shared with IPAC, of serving the young Appalachian child in our region