Shamblin recognized for outstanding achievements in Counselor Education

From left to right, Dr. Tracy Lienbaugh, Chair of the Counselor Education Department; Sherry Shamblin and Dean Renee Middleton pose together at the award banquet.

Sherry Shamblin, Director of Early Childhood Programs for Tri-County Mental Health and Counseling Service and IPAC board member, was recently recognized for her outstanding achievements in Counselor Education. Shamblin, who successfully proposed her dissertation in Counselor Education from Ohio University, was awarded both the Melvin Witmer Creative Altruism Award in Counselor Education and the Alpha Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota’s Outstanding Practitioner Supervisor Award.

The Melvin Witmer Creative Altruism Award, considered the most revered recognition of Ohio University’s Counselor Education Department, is given annually to a student who by attitude and behavior demonstrates a concern for the welfare of others, a commitment to nurture and enhance the lives of others through cooperative efforts, and who can inspire and motivate in the spirit of love. When Dr. Witmer retired from full-time teaching in 1989, the Counselor Education faculty established the Creative Altruism Award in his honor.

“I believe that Sherry is the epitome of everything that award stands for,” said Dawn Murray, Chief Medical Officer for Family Healthcare, Inc., and IPAC board member. “Webster's definition of altruism is ‘unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others.’ Sherry demonstrates that regularly in how she works with her clients and her staff. I can think of many examples of creative altruism with regards to IPAC. The most recent example is how she worked to figure out how to get Tri-County to take on part of HMG (Help me grow), so the region wouldn't completely lose those services. Of course, she had a lot of help from other partners too, but she was the one with the creative altruism and leadership to actually bring it about. She really sees the bigger picture and works for the highest good. I am very proud to know her.”

“Dr. Witmer was still emeritus faculty when I got my master's degree ten years ago,” Shamblin said. “He was a very gentle, encouraging person who was instrumental in getting Counselor Licensure in the state of Ohio. I was very honored, and quite emotional when I received Dr. Davis's e-mail because I aspire to be this same kind of person - and to build professional credibility and credentialing for ECMH in Ohio.”

The Alpha Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota’s Outstanding Practitioner-Supervisor Award is from the Honor Society of Counselor Educators. This is a student-led organization made up of first- and second-year doctoral students and masters students.

The practitioner supervisor award was established to recognize an outstanding counselor whose primary professional commitment is the direct supervision of persons involved in clinical counseling services.

“I don't know what else to say, really, except maybe to thank all of the IPAC folks who have been very supportive of my pursuit of my PhD, especially those on the board,” Shamblin added.

Please join us in congratulating Sherry Shamblin in her achievements.