How IPAC Participants Benefit from Paying Dues?

Benefits of becoming a participating agency:

Become part of IPAC -- a successful regional planning network that has received $4,862,756 in grants to design and implement innovative child health and wellness programs in southeastern Ohio

Actively contribute your voice to IPAC’s planning and collaborative efforts through participation in quarterly local meetings

Increase your agency’s visibility and capacity through

  • Representation in local and state level planning and policy discussions
  • Inclusion on IPAC website, (agency website link, name, logo and description)
  • Inclusion in bi-monthly newsletters
  • Access to organizational resources
  • Special rates on registration fees for IPAC sponsored trainings 
  • Inclusion in grant proposals

We need your help to sustain our initiatives. IPAC participation dues support:

  • Coordinator for the Southeastern Ohio Interdisciplinary Assessment Team
  • IPAC’s Communications Consultant
  • Annual Training Conference

Why Participate

We couldn’t have gotten where we are without you.

Empowered by collaboration, Integrating Professionals for Appalachian Children ensures healthy development for all children by leveraging the resources and expertise in our community to improve and promote the wellness of Appalachian children and their families.

Combining the investment of your agency’s resources with our grant funding, we are achieving our goals through interagency initiatives:

  • Regional HUB & Pathways Care Coordination Program
  • Family Care Navigator Program
  • Southeastern Ohio Interdisciplinary Assessment Team
  • Co-location of mental health providers in primary care
  • Early Identification using standardized screening tools
  • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation in preschools

For families, IPAC is:

  • Improving coordination of care to address overlapping needs
  • Increasing access to comprehensive and timely services
  • Empowering consumers through effective advocacy
  • Providing interdisciplinary care delivered in local settings
  • Enhancing outcomes and quality of life

For community-based agencies and university affiliates, IPAC is:

  • Strengthening interagency partnerships
  • Creating a regional voice to champion shared goals at the local, state, and national levels
  • Increasing professional capacity through interdisciplinary trainings
  • Securing grant funding for jointly-authored programs
  • Diversifying revenue streams through new programs
  • Improving university/community relations
  • Creating a platform for coordinated health system planning
  • Helping your agency achieve its mission and vision

What has IPAC Accomplished for its 
Participating Agencies?

A formal network of over thirty agencies with the shared purpose of improving the coordination and strengthening the performance of our rural healthcare and social service systems to ensure healthy development for all children

A successful community-university partnership, independently governed with 501 (c) (3) status

A sustained platform for planning and coordinating change across agencies, systems, and disciplines

A regional voice championing shared goals at the local, state, and national levels

  • Local Project LAUNCH Council
  • State Project LAUNCH Council
  • Directors meetings with state department heads
  • National Rural Health Association

A solid history of bringing grant resources to the region to help agencies develop and sustain innovative programs

  • 2005 One-year local grant ($12,750)
  • 2006 One-year Office of Rural Health Policy Network Planning Grant ($85,000)
  • 2007 Three-year Office of Rural Health Policy Network Development Grant ($ 540,000)
  • 2008 Three-year Office of Rural Health Policy Outreach Grant ($375,000)
  • 2009 Five-year SAMHSA Project LAUNCH Grant ($3,500,000)

* 2012 Governor Kasich and his Office of Health Transformation awarded $350,000 to IPAC to lead the implementation of the Community HUB/Pathways Model in southeastern Ohio to improve health and preventive care for high risk mothers and children. This multi-county effort involves several Managed Care Organizations including United Healthcare, Care Source, and Molina; Partners for Kids affiliated with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the State of Ohio. The model, developed by Drs. Mark and Sarah Redding, has reduced low-weight births in targeted populations in Richland County and it has been replicated successfully in Toledo and Cincinnati

Board Candidate Application

Interested in serving on the Board of Directors for IPAC? Fill out our application. To submit or to ask questions, write to