News from Project LAUNCH


 Project LAUNCH sponsored a daylong training on December 17th, 2012 entitled, "Interventions for Children Who Suffered Trauma" by David Zidar, L.I.S.W.-S. The training included over 30 individuals from across the region; including personnel from school systems, mental health agencies, Family and Children First Councils, board of developmental disabilities, and child welfare agencies.

A total of 5.3 continuing education credits were offered to participants for the daylong training. Topics emphasized were the importance of types of trauma, how to create healing environments for children, and assisting families in treatment. This is the first of a series of ongoing trainings in trauma interventions for Project LAUNCH during year 4. Many participants expressed that specific intervention models presented at the training could be immediately implemented into their ongoing work with children and families in the region.

In other LAUNCH news, the communications team of Project LAUNCH released a series of educational posters aimed at parents and caregivers of young children in November of 2012. The posters were based on research findings conducted by Ohio University's Dr. Ben Bates and his students. The results found that parents and caregivers benefit from developmental information distributed in venues such as doctor's offices and schools.

A total of five posters were printed that emphasized important areas of child development. These areas include: food and nutrition, physical education and exercise, early literacy, early signs of Autism, and dental health.

IPAC and LAUNCH council members have distributed the posters across the region in an effort to move forward a larger communication plan that includes public messaging in surrounding Appalachian counties.