Why Donate?

We couldn’t have gotten where we are without you.

Empowered by collaboration, Integrating Professionals for Appalachian Children ensures healthy development for all children by leveraging the resources and expertise in our community to improve and promote the wellness of Appalachian children and their families.

Combining the investment of your agency’s resources with our grant funding, we are achieving our vision through interagency initiatives: Family Care Navigator Program Interdisciplinary Assessment Team Co-location of mental health providers in primary care Early Identification Program using a standardized screening tool Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation in preschools.


For families, IPAC is:

  • Improving coordination of care to address overlapping needs
  • Increasing access to quality, comprehensive and timely services
  • Empowering consumers through effective advocacy
  • Providing interdisciplinary care delivered in local settings
  • Enhancing outcomes and quality of life

For community-based agencies and university departments, IPAC is:

  • Strengthening interagency partnerships
  • Increasing professional capacity through interdisciplinary training
  • Securing grant funding for jointly-authored programs
  • Diversifying revenue streams through new programs
  • Improving university/community relations
  • Creating a platform for coordinated health system planning
  • Helping local agencies achieve their mission and vision

To donate, write checks payable to IPAC. Mail donations to Executive Director,  P.O. Box 826, Athens, OH 45701.