LAUNCH Joint Council celebrates successes, targets sustainability

Stakeholders brainstorm ideas for sustainability during annual Joint Council meeting

At this year’s Project LAUNCH Joint Council meeting in Logan, our stakeholders were reminded of the many great initiatives and success stories. During the presentations, we heard from Noriko Kantake, a parent representative for IPAC. She provided us a first-person account of living life in Southeast Ohio with her autistic son and the importance of LAUNCH-sponsored initiatives. And Samantha Shafer, Out-Patient Therapist with Tri-County Mental Health, delighted us with her enthusiasm for her profession and her appreciation for the training LAUNCH has provided her.

Steps for sustainability and engagement in new local and state child wellness initiatives were just some of the great ideas that came out of this meeting. During the work sessions, stakeholders brainstormed how to tap into unused resources, identify new opportunities and create action items for future sustainability.

"I wanted to again thank the speakers and contributors that generously shared their personal and community success stories and challenges," said Elizabeth Kitchen, Program Director of SAMHSA's Project LAUNCH. "They reminded us of why continuing LAUNCH initiatives are so very important."