IPAC Hosts Facilitation Training Event

IPAC hosted its Facilitation Training Event Wednesday, February 8 at the Nelsonville Public Library. Lead by Treva Williams and Becky Nesbitt, the training focused on teaching participants tools for being better leaders and group contributors. The day-long event featured interactive exercises that promoted different approaches and communication techniques for different goals or scenarios.

The event was well-attended by regional professionals across the southeastern Ohio Appalachian region. In a survey circulated after the training, all participants felt that they had learned communication tools that they could apply to their own work. Each exercise encouraged dialogue and collaboration among participants, demonstrating the value of diverse groups when collaborating on projects and dialogue. The training also emphasized the value of understanding the dynamics of roles within groups.

“Becky and Treva worked as a seamless team and I really enjoyed their presentation style,” said one attendee. The training mixed interactive group exercises with bite-sized lectures that would then expand upon the point of an activity or introduce a new one. The balance kept participants engaged throughout the day, while giving them ideas for interactive activities they might implement into their own meetings.

The Facilitation Training had nearly full attendance and most participants expressed relative interest in future IPAC sponsored training events. IPAC aims to make these events free in order to promote accessibility for regional organizations that might not be able to manage the costs of such training otherwise.

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