IPAC Annual Board of Directors Meeting

IPAC held its Annual Board of Directors Meeting on June 2, 2010, at the Athens Country Club in order to elect new officers and plan for next year. Sherry Shamblin continues as Chairperson, Cindy Birt continues as Vice Chair, Brandi Nance fills the Secretary position as Sue Meeks steps down, and Dave Hunter continues as Treasurer. One Board of Directors seat remains open in the Allied Health constituency group.

The Board Chair asked the members to come to the meeting having chosen the most important IPAC role during the coming year from the following list:

    • Assessment, Evaluation & Research

    • Advocacy

    • Professional Development

    • Strengthen Organizational Capacity of IPAC

    • Design Service Delivery Programs to Build an Integrated System of Care

Board members fell into two groups: a large group interested in an Integrated System of Care (subsequently broken into two smaller groups) and a smaller group interested in Professional Development. The small groups were tasked with developing activities within these two roles.

The Board is interested in the possibility of expanding IPAC’s capacity by hiring personnel. A Human Resources consultant, Nancy Crist, spoke to the Board about issues surrounding personnel. IPAC does not have employees, currently.

Three next steps were identified:

1. Need to discuss IPAC structure:

    • Free-standing Community 501(c)(3), housed in the university, or a hybrid of the two?

    • Moving to a membership organization or retain current structure

2. Priorities for the next year are:

    • Professional Development

    • Designing integrated service delivery system

Both can move forward, though not with the same emphasis.

3. Human Resource options:

    • Write job description, steps in hiring process, classification options, fair pay

    • Finalize hiring process, classification option that is appropriate

    • Then finalize pending prioritization