IPAC accepts donation from OHIA.

Jane Hamel-Lambert, PhD, President of IPAC and John Borchard, RN, BSN, Chair, IPAC Board of Directors accepted a donation in the amount of $4426.68 from the Organization for Health Improvement in Appalachian (OHIA) on August 21, 2008. Mr. Mike Turner, past president of OHIA presented the check, sharing recanting that the unanimous decision of his board to make the donation. "[IPAC] is doing exactly what we tried to do... though with a narrower scope," referencing IPAC's focus on young children. The donation was part of the dissolution of OHIA, an organization that worked over the past decade to improve health in the Appalachia region.

For IPAC, the donation is a tremendous step toward becoming a self-sustaining rural health network. Dr. Hamel-Lambert, President of IPAC, replied "On behalf of IPAC, I would like to thank the Organization for Health Improvement in Appalachia (OHIA) for its decision to donate OHIA’s assets to Integrating Professionals for Appalachian Children (IPAC). We appreciate being recognized as a local organization that will continue to work toward improving the well-being of our community."

Photo Illustration by Larry Hamel-Lambert