Boom times at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

By almost any measure, central Ohio’s pediatric hospital is on a growth
spurt that would rival that of any of its adolescent patients. ...

Nationwide Children’s investment in research also has vaulted to record levels: $50 million in 2015, up from $34 million two years earlier. That spending excludes roughly $70 million per year that the hospital receives from the National Institutes of Health. But it includes philanthropy. ... 

Officials give much credit to the hospital’s accountable-care organization, Partners for Kids, for its performance in 2014, which Moody’s Investors Service described as “extraordinary.”

The hospital hasn’t been the only beneficiary of that organization’s work; taxpayers have, too.

Partners for Kids is the intermediary between Ohio’s five Medicaid managed-care plans and roughly 320,000 children in southeastern and central Ohio enrolled in those plans.

The organization works with more than 1,000 doctors, providing incentives for them to intervene in a child’s health and head off illnesses that otherwise must be treated in more costly ways.

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