Board Member Spotlight: Samantha Shafer

Sam Shafer currently works as Area Manager with Integrated Services for Behavioral Health, working with teams in multiple counties to advocate for greater access to better care. She received her Masters in Social Work at Ohio University before she began working as a counselor at Bassett House. After a few years, she began working with Tri-County Mental Health and Counseling Services as an outpatient therapist in Hocking County, eventually moving into a case management supervisory position for adults.

Developing a focus working with early childhood patients, Sam eventually moved into an Early Childhood director position. Her work in Early Childhood encouraged her to begin a small private practice working with childhood patients and families. It also lead to the childhood and family systems work she now does with Integrated Services.

Sam was drawn to Integrated Services because of their focus on providing those they serve with a say in their own care. In serving Perry, Fairfield and Pickaway Counties, it's important for Integrated Services to understand and work with the dynamic needs of the individuals they serve.

A big part of this approach has been a collaborative partnership between Integrated Services and Fairfield County Children’s Services. Together, they are combining a search and engagement model with the family group decision-making model. This approach aims to include family and community members in deciding how best to meet a child’s needs, placing emphasis on collaboration and community building.

Collaboration remains central to the work that Integrated does and it was what helped draw Sam to working with IPAC. Being designed to bring communities in a collaborative way, IPAC's work helps to focus on the common goals of care accessibility and collaboration within Southeast Ohio.